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  • Not only do we have SunSetter awnings at our home in PA, but also at our home in FL. In both cases we are very pleased with their addition to our outdoor lifestyle. Have already recommended these awnings to two other people in FL and NC. 10/10

    Frank Frank purchased a Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • We are very happy with our SunSetter Awning, especially since it is motorized and can be opened and closed from inside the house. I was concerned about any possible future roof leaks, but I am satisfied that the proper safeguards were taken during the installation to prevent that from happening. 10/10

    William William purchased a Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • I am thrilled with my SunSetter. It has made the patio usable. Also pleased with Douglas L. Gibson Ent. Inc. They are very professional. 10/10

    Barbara Barbara purchased a Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • The whole experience was wonderful. They were here on time for every appt. worked efficiently, and cleaned up everything when done. I would recommend to my friends and family. Best summer I had in a long time. 10/10

    Donna Donna purchased a Motorized PRO XL
  • Doug Gibson and his crew were very professional and did a great job explaining to us how to operate the awning. They were very timely, efficient, and neat/clean with their work. 10/10

    Robert Robert purchased a Motorized PRO XL
  • Excellent product installed by a professional company...would recommend both to anyone looking for an awning solution. 10/10

    Victor Victor purchased a Motorized PRO XL
  • Awesome job!!! Friendly, informative, and excellent workmanship!!! Highly recommend!!! 10/10  

    Thomas Thomas purchased a Motorized PRO XL
  • Excellent workmanship. Installed quickly and securely. Excellent instruction on use. 10/10

    Tom Tom purchased a Motorized PRO XL
  • A pleasure doing business with the Gibson crew. Very nice and could answer all of our questions. 10/10

    Jane Jane purchased a Motorized XL
  • I would highly recommend DL Gibson! Excellent and professional installation of our awning. 10/10

    Michelle Michelle purchased a Motorized XL
  • I was very pleased with how knowledgeable my salesman, Todd, was. He was able to answer all of my questions intelligently. I would highly recommend SunSetter. 10/10

    Dolores Dolores purchased a Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • We were very satisfied with the purchase and installation of our awning! 10/10

    Debbie Debbie purchased a Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • Doug did an excellent job and we would highly recommend him to anyone interested in a SunSetter awning. 10/10

    Bruce Bruce purchased a Motorized XL

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