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They provide cool shade and protection whenever you want.

Sunsetter Awnings retract unobtrusively when you want to enjoy the sun with push-button ease of the wireless remote control. Studies have shown your SunSetter can be as much as 20 degrees cooler while enjoying its shade. Protect your family from harmful 99% UVA and UVB rays from the harsh Sun. SunSetter Awnings help cut your air conditioning bills and energy usage by blocking the hot sun before it can penetrate your windows and sliding glass doors, all while protecting your furniture hardwood floors from fading.

Exceptionally affordable, SunSetter Retractable Awnings provide custom-made beauty and uncompromising quality- without a custom-made price.

SunSetter Retractable Awnings come in many different models. Below you will find some information about all of the different models as well as featured videos and testimonials of actual SunSetter owners.

Unsurpassed Warranty Coverage – Built-In

Every Douglas L. Gibson Enterprises Inc. Full-Service Awning Purchase Package comes with SunSetter’s 5-Year or 10-Year All-Weather Limited Warranty (Depending on the awning model) . Also included is the Douglas L. Gibson Enterprises Inc. Full-Service Promise – our 5-year Labor Warranty.

The SunSetter Platinum PLUS (Semi-Cassette) AwningClosed: Sunbrella - Westfield Mushroom fabric w/ Straight Valance & Light Cream Frame. Open: Sunbrella - Silica Dune fabric w/ Straight Valance & Light Cream Frame.

The SunSetter Platinum PLUS Series Awning offers unparalleled protection from dirt, rain, wind, and snow. These Semi-Cassette awnings, when closed, fully retract the fabric into a durable aluminum semi-cassette hood for year-round protection. This elegant and sleek design not only provides a finished look compared to traditional retractable awnings but also reduces fabric wear and tear.

Choose from six models: Platinum PLUS (10’2″ projection), Platinum PLUS XL (11’8″ projection), Platinum PLUS XXL (13’1″ projection), Platinum PLUS PRO (10’2″ projection), Platinum PLUS PRO XL (11’8″ projection), or the Platinum PLUS PRO XXL (13’1″ projection).

Each model is available in Performance Acrylic fabric (35 fabric color options), or exquisite Sunbrella fabric (123 fabric color options), ensuring beauty and durability from a trusted manufacturer. The PRO, PRO XL and PRO XXL models feature a built-in, retractable front Weatherbreaker Panel for additional sun protection and breeze control, maximizing the shade and functionality of your awning.

Every Platinum PLUS Series awning purchase includes the SunSetter All-Weather 10-Year Limited Warranty and The D. L. Gibson Enterprises ‘Full Service Promise’, 5-Year Labor Warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your investment.

SunSetter Platinum Series Awnings with Sunbrella Fabrics

The SunSetter Platinum Series Awnings


The SunSetter Platinum Series Awning, our premium line of awnings developed with the same engineering excellence you’d expect from SunSetter.

We’ve incorporated the comfort, protection, and lasting quality of our awnings, with an enhanced style that’s perfect for the sophisticated home. A straight valance exudes modern elegance.

World-renowned Sunbrella fabric offers unparalleled beauty and protection. A 10-Year Limited Warranty guarantees excellence in craftsmanship and enjoyment for years to come. Luxury meets function with these remarkable awnings, built right here in America.

The SunSetter Platinum Series awning is available in Motorized, Motorized XL, Motorized PRO, Motorized PRO XL, & Vista models.

SunSetter Motorized PRO Awnings by Douglas L. Gibson Enterprises Inc.

SunSetter Motorized, XL, PRO, & PRO XL Awning Models

The SunSetter Motorized and Motorized XL models are our Most Popular SunSetter Awnings. Push button ease of the included remote control allows you to enjoy your backyard again. The elegantly designed Light Cream Powder Coated, High-Tensile Extruded Aluminum lateral arm frame provides you with unobstructed movement and views throughout your space. Available in 100% solution-dyed woven acrylic or traditional laminated fabrics, you will enjoy the up to a 20 degree temperature difference under your beautifully designed awning, and block 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Motorized and Motorized XL units are available in widths from 8 ft. to 20 ft.

SunSetter Motorized & Motorized XL Features

  • Motorized Model
    • Up to 10 ft. 2 in. projection
    • Widths from 8 to 20 ft.
    • Woven acrylic fabric available 8 to 20 ft
    • Traditional Laminated available on widths from 8 to 18 ft.
  • Motorized XL Model
    • 11 ft. 8 in. projection
    • Widths from 14 to 20 ft.
    • Woven acrylic fabric only
  • Warranties included in DLG Purchase Pkg.
    • SunSetter 5 Year All-Weather Limited Warranty
    • D. L. Gibson Ent. Full Service Promise (1 Year Labor Warranty)

The SunSetter Motorized PRO and Motorized PRO XL models are our Top of the Line SunSetter Series Awnings, with remote control and an Exclusive built-in front Weatherbreaker panel hidden in the front roller bar, that can be unrolled up to 5 feet or anywhere in between. This discreet Weatherbreaker, blocks out up to 90% of sun and wind, but lets in air and light. The Weatherbreaker operates with a simple hand crank (included). If you want the ultimate in shade, protection, ease of use, and included features, plus your choice of beautiful woven acrylic fabric or traditional laminated fabric, the SunSetter Motorized PRO or PRO XL is the model to choose.

"I would highly recommend DL Gibson!
Excellent and professional installation of our awning."

- Michelle


SunSetter Manual Awning (non-motorized)

A full-featured, superb quality lateral arm awning at an exceptional price. An excellent value for budget-conscious homeowners, who still demand the high quality lateral arm technology and look. Formerly The SunSetter VISTA, the SunSetter Manual Awning opens and closes in less than a minute, using a hand cranked gear mechanism. Its sophisticated dual arm double cable system requires no vertical supports, and creates shade and protection anytime you want. Compare our Manual Awning to any other “lateral arm” awning. You can pay more, but you can’t buy a better awning (unless you buy our most popular model – the SunSetter Motorized Awning, the ultimate in convenience at a touch of a button!)

SunSetter Manual Awning Features

  • Available widths: 8 to 18 ft.
  • Projection: 12 to 18 foot awnings extend out a full 10 feet 2 inches from your house. 8 foot awning extends out 7 feet, 10 and 11 foot awnings extend out 9 feet. All models can be partially opened in any position.
  • Color choices: Woven acrylic fabric in rich decorator colors.Traditional laminated fabric in popular color choices.
  • Can be installed on wood, brick, stucco, aluminum and vinyl siding.
  • Can be installed directly on roof, eaves, and overhangs via roof or soffit mounting bracket assemblies.
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years
  • Does not require electricity:Operates with a simple hand crank (included.)

"A pleasure doing business with the Gibson crew.
Very nice and could answer all of our questions."

- Jane


SunSetter Oasis Free-Standing Awning


The SunSetter Oasis is our beautiful freestanding retractable awning for lawns, decks, patios, poolside, or any location where you want beautiful cool shade and protection…Turn your backyard into your own personal vacation spot … entertain family and friends on your lawn, safe from the hot sun and harmful UV rays … have a festive get-together at night under our optional patio lights.

The SunSetter Oasis gives you the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. Put it anywhere you want for comfortable, cooling shade. It can be up to 20 degrees cooler under the awning. Closes easily in 60 seconds when you want to enjoy the sun. Can’t install a regular SunSetter Awning on your deck or patio? The wonderful SunSetter Oasis is the perfect solution. Stable on any level surface. Can be left outdoors all year long. Just retract it when not in use. In woven acrylic fabric in 16 color choices (see the colors marked with an * on the Woven acrylic fabric page).

Oasis Freestanding Awning Features

  • Size: 12 ft. x 10 ft. or 16 ft. x 10 ft. – That’s a huge area of cooling shade and protection from 99% of harmful UV rays. Actual fabric size is smaller than the hardware dimensions by 6″ on the length.
  • Color choices: In Woven Acrylic fabric in 16 color choices (see the colors marked with an * on the Woven acrylic fabric page).
  • Operation: Motorized and Manual models available. The Motorized model features push-button remote control operation, and a 24 ft. plug-in power cord. The manual model opens and closes easily with a hand crank (included). Both models retract fully when you want to enjoy the sun.
  • Installation: Portable and totally freestanding. Can be placed on almost any level surface, including a lawn, deck, patio, or poolside.
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years

"Excellent workmanship. Installed quickly and securely.
Excellent instruction on use"

- Tom


SunSetter EasyShade Exterior Shading Systems


SunSetter EasyShade Features

  • Available in a Coral White, Cream, Charcoal, or Desert Sand vinyl screen that blocks 90% of sun, wind, and mist. Great for porches, sliders, gazebos, and pergolas.
  • Motorized model has a top-of-the-line Somfy motor hidden inside the housing and features a 12 ft. plug-in cord and remote control operation. The solar-powered model requires no plug-in cord, but still operates the Somfy Motor by Remote Control. The manual model works with a hand crank (included).
  • All models come in widths from 3 to 12 feet, in 6 inch increments.
  • Superb quality, easy to clean, mildew-resistant — maintenance free!
  • Rolls up and down straight every time. The motorized and solar-powered EasyShades roll up and down on guiding cables for perfect tracking. No uneven edges, no cords to tangle!
  • Saves on energy costs by blocking the sun BEFORE it heats up your home.
  • Protected by a streamlined, powder-coated aluminum storage housing in your choice of White, Cream, or Bronze finish. Stays clean and neat, protected from dirt and cobwebs.
  • The motorized and solar-powered models can be operated from inside your home by remote control – perfect for second floor window.
  • Manual model includes bungees and hooks to secure at corners.

"I was very pleased with how knowledgeable my salesman, Todd, was.
He was able to answer all of my questions intelligently.
I would highly recommend SunSetter and D.L. Gibson"

- Dolores

SunSetter Awning Available Accessories

The Protective Aluminum Hood Assembly

This powder-coated, light cream-colored aluminum hood matches the hardware of your awning, and provides exceptional protection for your awning fabric and motor when the awning is closed. Available for PRO, PRO XL, Motorized, Motorized XL and VISTA models.

Patio Lights (Set of 6)

Set the nighttime ambiance with a set of Patio Lights on your awning. Weatherproof lights let you enjoy your awning during the evening and at night, providing a beautiful soft light. With 20 foot cord. Lights hang from simple sliding hooks for easy spacing across your deck/patio. UL and CSA listed. For all awning models.

Awning Cover

The alternative to the Aluminum Hood, the Awning Cover keeps your awning neat and protected from cobwebs, bird droppings, and dirt when stored away for the Winter season. Made from SunSetter’s waterproof Laminated fabric, the cover also comes with several bungees to secure it upon installation.

PRO Model Upgrade Feature

The PRO feature is a premium upgrade through Douglas L. Gibson Enterprises and is available on any motorized awning models. The PRO features an exclusive built-in front Weatherbreaker panel hidden in the front roller bar, that can be unrolled to a maximum depth of 5 feet or anywhere in between. This discreet Weatherbreaker, blocks out up to 90% of sun and wind, but lets in air and light. The Weatherbreaker operates with a simple hand crank (included). Perfect for handling the low-angle, dinner time sunlight & cool Fall breezes.

The Dimming LED Lighting System

These gorgeous & dimmable lights attach to the bottom of your awning arms, and illuminate the entire space under your awning. You never have to take them down, even during awning operation. The multi-channel remote controls your lights on and off and works like a dimmer switch, allowing you to “set the mood” for soft or bright illumination, all while controlling your awning’s operation on different channels.

These beautiful LED Lights may also be attached to your SunSetter Oasis Free-Standing Awning.

Wireless Wind Sensor

Elegantly designed & inconspicuously installed to the lateral arm, with the addition of the wireless wind sensor, your awning closes  automatically on very windy days. You set the sensitivity. Easy to use. Made by Somfy. Battery powered, and is available on any PRO, PRO XL, Motorized, and Motorized XL awning models.

Side Weatherbreaker Panel

The perfect remedy for added shade. The Side Weatherbreaker Panels help block 90% of sun, wind, and mist from coming in the sides of your awning, yet let in filtered light and gentle breezes. Also great for privacy!

Awning Cleaning & Maintenance

Douglas L. Gibson Ent. Inc. offers all customers yearly or bi-yearly Maintenance & Awning Tune-up Packages upon request. We are with you for the lifetime of your awning.

Ask about our “Silver”, “Gold”, & “Platinum” Tune-up Packages to keep your awning in perfect working order for its lifetime.

SunSetter Platinum Series 10-Year All-Weather Warranty

This optional coverage comes standard on all Douglas L. Gibson Enterprises SunSetter Platinum Series Full-Service Awning Purchase Packages, and goes above and beyond SunSetter’s standard 10-Year Limited Warranty to give you the utmost in worry-free peace of mind. It covers the awning frame for craftsmanship, plus wind and weather damage as well for 10 years.

SunSetter Series 5-Year All-Weather Warranty

Included in any D. L. Gibson Ent. SunSetter Series Full-Service Awning Purchase Package is SunSetter’s 5-Year All Weather Warranty. This warranty goes beyond to give you ultimate, worry-free peace of mind. It covers not only defects, but wind and weather damage as well – for a full five years, with no pro-rating. It’s the best awning warranty in the business, and the best protection of a new awning investment.

Included in all D. L. Gibson Ent. Full-Service Awning Purchase Packages is our Full-Service Promise – 5-Year Labor Warranty.

Our Promise covers any warranty labor services on your awning for the first FIVE years of ownership at 100%.

Plus, All owners of SunSetter Awnings installed by D. L. Gibson Enterprises receive SPECIAL Customer Loyalty Discounts on their awning maintenance/tune-up services for the life of their awning purchase.

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